Because you don't just need a lawyer - you need an advocate

Because you don't just need a lawyer - you need an advocate

Because you don't just need a lawyer - you need an advocate

Because you don't just need a lawyer - you need an advocate

Every case is different.  Every client has different needs.  My goal is to provide a quality, individualized and client-centered legal process, whatever your case.

I can't promise you results- no one can. What I can promise you is that you will be my focus and motivation. I will use my experience, skills, and efforts to work with you through whatever you are facing. I will fight tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for your case whether that is successful negotiation or trial. 

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The Sex Talk Parents Aren't Having

A friend of mine emailed last week to see if I had suggestions of things she should read before having "the talk" with her 9 year old daughter. There had been some chatter at school and she wanted to set the record straight. In an overly sexualized society conversations with our kids about sex and safe touching and boundaries seem to be occurring earlier and earlier. My conversation with my friend made me think of two things.

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Safe travels

Late one night this past week a young woman was mugged while walking a well-lit city street in a wealthy Boston neighborhood.  It was a route she had walked hundreds of time before.  She was walking home from work when the girls approached her and tried to engage her.  She ignored them, quickened her pace and kept moving.  The girls responded by shoving her a few times.  She kept walking.  And then the girls tased her, bit her, roughed her up and ran off with her iphone, Tpass and her sense of security. 

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You'll be paying that fine today?

Yesterday the New Hampshire chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union released a report of their investigation into how courts around the state deal with fine payment in criminal cases.  The report is well worth a read because they did an amazing job. The report is available here:

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