Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, served with a stalking or restraining order petition, or even if the police "just want to talk to you", you should talk to a lawyer.  Simply put, the police are professionals. You need a professional to help you navigate your dealings with them. 

I have defended people in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and the federal courts charged with the full spectrum of offenses including: 

- motor vehicle violations
- simple assault
- theft
- drug possession and sales
- burglary
- first and second degree assault
- kidnapping
- aggravated felonious sexual assault (adult and child victims)
- possession of child pornography
- elder abuse
- welfare fraud
- identity fraud
- fraud in interstate travel 
- felonious use of a firearm and armed career criminal violations
- homicide

I am also available to advise and prepare students for school disciplinary hearings based on criminal or non-criminal conduct.